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Thank you for visiting us. We want your experience on this site to be as good as possible, so we have written this Cookie Policy to make it as clear as we can.

Do you agree to the use of cookies on this web site? We ask your permission to collect anonymous statistical data from your navigation in this web site, in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 12/2012. Using this web site implies consent to make use of this data. For more information please read the Cookie Policy that we have written below.



What is a Cookie?


First of all, you should know that a Cookie is not a computer virus or anything else that would inflict damage on the device of the person who accepts their use. There is nothing bad about them.

A Cookie is a small file with letters and numbers that is loaded into your computer when you visit certain web sites. Cookies enable a web site to recognize a user’s browser, and does not contain or gather any personal data.

Its purpose is to recognize the user every time they visit our web site, and to enable us to make our site better and easier to use.

Cookies are an essential part of the Internet: they cannot damage the user’s equipment/device and, if they are activated in your browser,  they help us to resolve possible problems in the way our web works.



Types of Cookies


This web site uses different types of Cookies. They all work the same way, but there are slight differences between them:

– Session Cookies: Session Cookies only last as long as your visit and are erased when you close the browser. Their main purpose is to identify the type of device, support the web site security or its basic functionality. They contain no personal information and cannot be used to identify a person.

– Persistent or Permanent Cookies: These are stored in the devices hard drive and are read by our web whenever you visit the Web Site again; they have a set expiry date, after which they will cease to function. They allow us to identify your actions and preferences; they analyse visits, helping us to identify how our users reach our page and to improve our services.

– Functionality Cookies: They enable the web site to remember decisions that the user took, their login and identifier. The information in these cookies is anonymous (meaning that they do not contain your name, address or any other data).

– Third-party Cookies: Third-party Cookies are installed by a site which is not the one you are visiting; for example, those used by social networks (such as Facebook) or as external complements for content (like Google Maps). Some advertising agencies also use this type of file to monitor your visits at every site where they advertise.

– Analytical Cookies: These cookies are for the site’s regular maintenance, so that the site runs better and offers the user better service; they gather data about your activity.



Use of Cookies by the Web Site


By navigating on our Web Site, you are expressly accepting our use of this type of cookie in your device. If you disallow cookies, your navigation on the Web Site may not be optimal, and some of the tools it contains may not work correctly.

Below is a list of the cookies we use and their purpose:


Name of CookieType of CookiesSourceExpiry Date PurposeDescription
Third-party CookiesGoogle2 yearsAnalysis and monitoringUsed to distinguish between users
Third-party CookiesGoogle2 yearsAnalysis and monitoringUsed to distinguish between users and sessions  The cookie is updated whenever the time data is sent to Google Analytics.
Third-party CookiesGoogle30 minutesAnalysis and monitoringUsed to determine new sessions and visits. The cookie is updated whenever the time data is sent to Google Analytics.
Third-party CookiesGoogleWhen the browser session endsAnalysis and monitoringUsed to determine whether the user is in a new session or visit.
Third-party CookiesGoogle6 monthsAnalysis and monitoringStores the source of traffic or the campaign to explain how the user reached our site. It is updated whenever data is sent to Google Analytics.
Third-party CookiesGoogle2 yearsAnalysis and monitoringUsed to store data about a visitor’s personalized variables The cookie is updated whenever the time data is sent to Google Analytics.
Third-party CookiesAddThis2 yearsPage share counterUsed to ensure that the user sees an updated count when sharing a page and returning to it before the action counter cache is updated.
Third-party CookiesShareThis1 yearThis cookie is used to track clicksUsed to track clicks that occur when any of the ShareThis options are pressed
Persistent or Permanent CookieOwn1 yearSaves your choice for accepting CookiesAdditional cookie for saving your choice so that you do not have to accept cookies every time you visit the Web Site
Session cookiesOwnWhen the browser session endsSystemAssociates a PHP user with an identifier for all the variables stored in the session
Functionality CookieOwn30 daysMaintains user authenticationUsed to keep the user authenticated in the system while navigating across the different pages in the site.
Third-party CookiesClicky Web Analytics20 yearsAnalysis and monitoringThis is a random number used to distinguish new visits or single visits.
Third-party CookiesClicky Web Analytics10 minutesAnalysis and monitoringUsed to identify the Web Site pages that were visited.
Third-party CookiesGoogle Tag Manager10 minutesAnalysis and monitoringUsed to add Google Analytics’ tracking code from Google Tag Manager
Third-party CookiesClicky Web AnalyticsWhen the browser session endsAnalysis and monitoringStores information on places where the visitor clicks in the Web Site.
Third-party CookiesClicky Web Analytics90 daysAnalysis and monitoringStores the a visitor’s external reference if one exists.
Third-party CookiesClicky Web Analytics90 daysAnalysis and monitoringStores campaign variables to identify whether the visits derive from a campaign.
Third-party CookiesClicky Web Analytics20 yearsAnalysis and monitoringContains the same information as the cookie__jsuid to share with Clicky
Third-party CookiesFacebook2 yearsPreferenceManages the appearance of the user’s Facebook start page
Third-party CookiesFacebook2 yearsFacebook connection dataSends information about the connection between the Web Site and Facebook
Third-party CookiesTwitter3 daysTwitter connection dataManages the information needed to generate a connection for Twitter and Follows.
Third-party CookieGoogle +16 monthsAnalysis and monitoringControls the +1 of Google Plus.



User configuration to prevent or deactivate Cookies

In compliance with current legal requirements, our Web Site puts the information at your disposal to enable you to configure your Internet browser(s) to maintain your privacy and security in relation with cookies. We offer you the information and links to the official sites of the main browsers so that you can decided whether to accept the use of cookies or not.

You can block cookies by using the browser configuration tools, or configure the browser to notify you when a server wants you to save a cookie.

Below are the links to each browser with instructions on how to disable cookies:


– Internet Explorer:

– Mozilla Firefox:

– Google Chrome:

– Safari:

– Opera:

– Otros: IF you have another browser that is not in this list of the most popular browsers, you must consult the instructions of your particular browser.


Finally, you can write to the portal Your Online Choices ( where you can configure your preferences for third-party advertising cookies, supplier by supplier, as well as find useful information.

If you require more information on this, please send us an email: